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HSS Core Framework v4.0

for .NET 4 and Silverlight 4/5.

The HSS Core Framework extends the .NET Framework providing several key sub-systems that provide enhanced functionality and consistency to any product. By leveraging the HSS Core Framework, you can reduce and simplify any application development project.

UPDATE June 2012 - v4.5.100
Minor release to add support for Silverlight 5 to the Virtual Services

UPDATE June 2011 - v4.3.200
  • Virtual WCF Service and Silverlight Client
    • A client side Asynchronous version of your service interface is no longer required for Silverlight
    • You will need to link or duplicate your interface in the client application
    • New way: VirtualChannel<ITestService>.Invoke(s => s.InvokeActionAsyncTest(p1, p2));
    • Old way: VirtualChannel<ITestService>.Invoke("InvokeActionAsyncTest", new object[] { p1, p2 });

Some of the major features and sub-systems

  • Logging library and applications:
    • Logging Component API
    • Logging Service
    • Log Viewer (GUI)
    • Optionally writes to the HSSLOG Database for centralized logging
    • Optionally writes to the Local Machine EventLog (default)
  • Virtual Services (No Proxy Required)
    • UPDATE June 2011 - v4.3.200
      • A client side asynchronous interface is no longer required.
      • You will need to link or duplicate the synchronous server side interface in your client application.
      • Example of new operation calling: VirtualChannel<ITestService>.Invoke(s => s.InvokeActionAsyncTest());
    • Allows any WCF Service to be exposed as a web service without an .svc file
    • Includes the HSS.ServiceModel.dll, to be located into the Web Applications bin folder (see more info for hosting)
    • Includes both Clients, Win32 Client API (HSS.ServiceModel.Client.dll) and Silverlight Client API (HSS.ServiceModel.Silverlight.dll)
    • Supports Authentication and Authorization
    • For Win32 Clients, supply user name and password for Authentication/Authorization against the ApplicationServices Membership and Role Providers
    • For Silverlight, re-uses the HttpContext User (IPrincipal) for Authentication/Authorization
    • All operations by default require an authenticated user only
      • Supports declarative Role restriction per operation and/or at the class level
      • Supports anonymous users thru declarative attribute per operation and/or at the class level
  • Data Access library: greatly reduces amount of code required to integrate a database into any application
  • Data Object Model Generator: DOMGen aids developers by generating object models from code templates based on SQL Tables, Views and Stored Procedures
  • Network library with full featured (RFC Compliant) SMTP and DNS Clients
  • SMTP, User Interface GUI, with Tracing
  • DNS Query, IP Resolver, User Interface GUI, with Tracing
  • Zip File/Folder Compression; based heavily on the DotNetZip library located on CodePlex (
  • Cryptography (AES) library
    • Implements RSA Pulic/Private key encryption using keys from either the local machine or current user Key Store
    • Supports predetermined shared password for simple encryption
  • Key Store Management (Support Vista/Win7 UAC)
  • Windows Forms Component Model
  • Windows Forms Docking (evolved from the DockPanel Suite by Weifen Luo)
  • Special Timer class for creating schedule based automation services
  • Too many to list all...

For the complete Developer Reference and API Documentation , please download the HSS Core Framework Help File.

Download the HSS Core Framework installer here...

Screen Shots of the included Applications:

HSS Log Viewer


HSS Log Configuration




HSS Key Store Manager






HSS DNS Client and Trace


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