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HSS Core v4.0.700.0

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Released: Dec 10, 2010
Updated: Dec 10, 2010 by hyspdrt
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Application HSS.Core_4.0.700.0_Installer_x86.msi
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Documentation hsscore-help.chm
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Release Notes

Release v4.0.700.0 December 10th, 2010

Upgrade Instructions:

  • Uninstall existing version
    • Update the Log Configuration, by changing the logging from Database to Machine
    • Uninstall the HSSLOG Database using the HSSLOG Database install wizard
    • Uninstall the HSS Core Framework
  • Install new v4.0.700.0
    • Install the new HSS Core Framework
    • Install the HSSLOG Database using the HSSLOG Database install wizard
    • Update the Log Configuration, by changing the logging from Machine to Database

Change Log:

  • HSS.ServiceModel (Client and Silverlight):
    • Modified VirtualOperation.cs to use an AsyncOperation (modeled after System.ServiceModel.ClientBase<T>) (a few milliseconds faster as well)
    • VirtualChannel.cs and VirtualOperation.cs
      • Added suport for IDefaultCommunicationTimeouts
    • Added TimeoutSettings.cs class to support default values and custom values
    • Updates VirtualActionOperation/VirtualFuncOperation to use the new VirtualOperation.cs base class (less code, cleaner implementation)
    • Updated UnitTests
  • HSS.Core:
    • DataRowReader
      • Add additional AddRow overload that does not require column names
      • Modified final AddRow method
        • Allow passing null for column names, assuming they were created during construction
        • Added validation to ensure columns have been created from either a previous call or construction
        • Modified to properly get the type of the field being added versus defaulting to string
      • GetData method now throws NotImplemented Exception
      • GetChar method now throws NotImplemented Exception
      • Implemented GetChars method
      • Modified conversion handling, will now return default value of GetXType Method if unable to convert from XType or String
      • Added three new Properties: ValidateNull, ValidateType and ValidateEmptyString to control how nulls and types are handled (see documention)
      • Added more constructor overloads for loading from a TextReader
      • Changed StreamReader constructor to TextReader to support more options
    • VarBinaryStream
      • Removed
    • IVarBinaryData
      • Removed
  • HSS.Data:
    • DataAccessContext
      • Removed requirement that a registered Type connection, must be must be of type IDataEntity
      • Renamed TDataEntity to TKey
      • Renamed DuplicateConnectionExceptionException to DuplicateConnectionException
      • Renamed ConnectionNotFoundExceptionException to ConnectionNotFoundException
  • HSS.DOMGen:
    • Batch Toolbar - Defaulted the "Remove" Item button to be disabled
    • Remembers last Batch path so you don't have to search for the folder everytime
    • Processor.cs - Modified to use Linq Expression for OnPropertyChanged versus Property.Name
    • Added support for Byte[] properties
    • Forces generated Property to be readonly (private/protected Setter) when column IsKey or IsExpression
  • HSS.Forms:
    • Removed IAppData Interface
  • HSS.Logging:
    • Fixed defects in hssEventLogFilter Stored Procedure
  • HSS.Net.Mail:
    • SmtpClient.cs - Added support for a user supplied SmtpServer

Release v4.0.650.1 November 10th, 2010

Change Log:

  • HSS.Logging:
    • Modified Server API for GetEntries to support filtering based on the application name field.
    • Modified the EventLog Viewer to support allowing the user to provide application name for filtering.
    • Modified the EventLog Viewer so that all free form text filtering supports fuzzy lookup.
  • HSS.ServiceModel:
    • Added a Win32 Client API for non-silverlight consumption.
    • Modified so that all the VirtualOperation derived classes are now public.
    • Allows consumers to choose between the VirtualChannel Static class or a specific VirtualOperation Classes.
    • Added more intitialization/constructor overrides for more control and flexibility.
    • VirtualServiceHostFactory.cs, modified to properly support Host creation
      • In certain situations would fail to locate the desired Service.
      • In ceratin situation, after the AppPool in IIS shutdown, next call would fail to locate desired service.

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